Become a volunteer at the 2018 Sweetheart Swing Classic by reading the instructions and filling out the form below

2018 Volunteer Information and Process

Thank you for your interest in being part of our staff this year. We truly appreciate our volunteers and want this to be a win-win for both you and for us. Please read the information below to understand the process before you register. It should answer most of your questions.

Volunteer Process

  1. Complete the volunteer registration form on our website. It will open for registration June 1st. (Save the link that appears after submitting it, to update your information in case there is a change you need to make.)
  2. Priority to job/hour preferences are given to those who register early, as opposed to those who register closer to the event. Those who register closer to the event, your assignments will be filling in gaps in the schedule.
  3. We will be scheduling volunteers to work from Thursday thru Sunday.
  4. The volunteer registration on the website will close on September 7th.
  5. The end of August, we will contact you to make sure you still want to be a volunteer.
  6. The 1st draft of the schedule will be sent to you end of August. You will be required to confirm your schedule or give us your requests for adjustments.
  7. The 2nd draft of the schedule will be sent to you around September 10th.


  1. As a volunteer, you will be committing to a required number of hours in exchange for a ticket in open seating.
  2. The ticket is valued at $140.
  3. You will be required to work 12 – 15 hours. Exceptions are:
    • If you are age 17 or younger, you are scheduled to work 10 hours.
    • If you are a member of YASDA, you are scheduled to work 8 hours.
    • If you volunteer to work the special security shift from Midnight – 2:00 am on Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday, you work 2 hours, but receive credit for 4 hours.
    • If you volunteer to help pack on Sunday after Awards, you work 3 hours, but receive credit for 4 hours.
  4. If you do not complete your assignments after you receive your wristband, you will be obligated to pay for your ticket.

Type of Volunteer Work and Descriptions

  • Setup – We set up on Wednesday & Thursday. We need help putting up decorations, table settings, putting up signs, setting up registration, setting floor, lights, pipe n drape, setting up competitor’s queuing area/ room, setting up the raffle/product booth. If you like to get physical, please consider working some of your hours here.
  • Registration – Registration is where we process attendees and point of sales (purchases at the event). We need people who can make everyone feel welcome, are comfortable using a computer, organized, will adhere to procedures and answer questions – with a great smile!
  • Raffle/Product Booth – Sweetheart Swing Classic has a raffle/product booth. If working this section, you need to be friendly and outgoing.
  • Security/Usher/Floor Sweepers – Includes: Door Security to make sure people have the proper wristband for admission into the ballroom or workshops. Ushers are volunteers who assist people inside the ballroom such as: help finding their seats, monitor people videoing the competitions and that the rules are followed inside the ballroom. We need people who will sweep (quickly) the dance floor of costume debris for the Routine divisions. This is done in between each performance. Alert, attentive, friendly, and safety minded people do well in this area.
  • Packing – We pack up on Sunday after Awards. The time frame is about 3 – 4 hours (5:00 – 8:30 PM approximately). If packing is done early, you still get full credit for your hours. You will be working with our Registration/Volunteer Manager.
  • Hospitality – You will be working with Sandra Palmer, coordinating meals for the staff. Transportation is key. If you can make a great pot of coffee, get donuts, toss a fruit salad, put together sack lunches and deliver with a great smile. This job is for YOU!
  • Event Director Runner – Must be available any hour and capable of handling issues as they arise. Transportation is Key.
  • Floaters – Those people who need to pick up extra hours to fill in when people don’t show or when we are in need of extra help.

Event – Check in and Training

You will check in at our Registration Desk to get your ticket, wristband, and sign your Volunteer agreement. You can double check your schedule and familiarize yourself with the event, ballrooms, and specialty rooms. For training, we have prepared INSTRUCTION MANUALS for each station. You will need to read the manuals for the stations you will be working. We recommend reading ahead of time or report 15 minutes early to your assignment to review the manuals.

General Times

We will try to schedule you in 4 three hour shifts unless you request to work multiple shifts. The hours below are approximate shift times, but may vary due to event schedule:

Morning (M) 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (limited slots available)
Afternoon (A) 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Evening (E) 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Late (L) 8:30 PM – Midnight (work 3 ½) hours, get credit for 4 hour)
Special (S) Midnight – 2:00 AM (work 2 hours, get credit for 4 hours.)

Now that you have the information to be a Sweetheart Swing Classic volunteer, you can click on the link and register to be on staff. We will try to accommodate your request. We do take into consideration if you are competing, if you would like to take a workshop, or if you want to watch a competition.

The more options you give us provides us the ability to schedule enough hours for you to be a volunteer and should result in a better schedule for you.

We look forward to working with you.


Ruth Farmer